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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Expected month:
March 2017

  • Ruben Administrator

Comments (38)

Kabra_Karma Guest
Hum... Guys, the release is the 23 march... This countdown seem broken, or, at least not really precise...
22nd February 13:23h
Your mama Guest
Only 12 days bitched
16th February 20:55h
Commander Guest
This game is going to be fucking awsome
15th February 21:04h
Commander Guest
C ome on
15th February 21:04h
jesus Guest
its march 21st ya dumb bitches get yo facts right
8th February 01:55h
rougeninja101 Guest
141 hours on 3, cant wait for this one
2nd February 15:32h
Magnus Guest
this countdown is invalid it says 27 days but its 47 days
1st February 18:18h
Mati Guest
Will there be Space Hamsters?
30th January 16:19h
Commander Shepard Guest
Report to the countdown as soon as possible. We'll bang, OK?
30th January 16:17h
Elsecomic 39 Guest
Hell yah So hyped
24th January 23:35h
Elsecomic 39 Guest
Hell yah
24th January 23:32h
Harald1225 Guest
Aztek yeah i agree with you! hehe :p
24th January 20:45h
NetworkFlyer Guest
Guys I know this doesn't help but think of it this way, eight more Tuesdays, it seems a lot less Agggghhh that way. I'm going to miss Garrus so much but yeeee! so excited!
24th January 17:26h

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