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Mass Effect: Andromeda

Expected month:
March 2017

  • Ruben Administrator

Comments (22)

raasls Guest
cant wait
13th January 15:30h
LordTachanka Guest
20 march 2017 hoorayy
9th January 17:18h
ratchet Guest
me and clank can't wait for this game to come out
8th January 23:50h
Casey H Guest
Will Casey Hudson be missed? will the game hold up?
6th January 15:28h
Ya boy Guest
March 21 confirmed
4th January 23:14h
Thasher Guest
How do you know its gonna get released at march ? no one confirmed it yet
22nd December 2016 15:09h
hi Guest
N7 Day!!
7th November 2016 11:38h
Steven Hackett Guest
Prepare for N7 Day!
6th November 2016 06:33h
Ass Effect Guest
Holy balls! 125 days to go!!! Getting so close i can almost smell it
26th October 2016 12:18h
David Anderson Guest
Only 139 days and 12 hours left!
12th October 2016 15:57h
Tarquin Victus Guest
Play Mass Effect Andromeda... at any cost!
12th September 2016 16:13h
Message deleted by Administrator
6th September 2016 20:34h
Post ME shock Guest
Truly amazing, The ending destoyed me lol atleast Andromeda will keep me going :'D I miss Liara,Tali and Garrus!
3rd August 2016 15:50h

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