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Countdown to WrestleMania 34

April 8th, 2018 18:00h

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Jericho Guest
Matt Hardy or Dolph Ziggler will win the memorial battle royal
7th April 19:08h
Jericho Guest
Wretlemania 34 is going to be lit
7th April 19:04h
Guest Guest
Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon are going to kill Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Sami and Kevin are going to be fired at wrestlemania 34. The return of daniel bryan is going to be amazing.
7th April 15:54h
Guest Guest
Roman is going to dominate Brock and get his revenge
7th April 15:51h
Big Cock Guest
Taker is returning as the American Badass and is gonna beat John Cena.
6th April 20:51h
Jaden Ofori Guest
The Riott Squad sucks dick.
6th April 16:28h
Jaden Ofori Guest
If the Riott Squad win at WrestleMania, I will lose my fucking mind.
6th April 16:28h
Chris Ferrari Guest
I'm so exited!
26th March 21:27h
Eric sanders Guest
At wrestlemania 34 if roman defeat brock for the wwe universal championship without distraction and so many matches of wrestlemania is 4 hours on the wwe network the biggest wrestlemania ever so if they make an annoucement for the upcoming wrestlemania next year in ny/nj plus new championships belts the new era of the wwe has begun and so it begin i love wwe
4th March 22:29h
eric sanders Guest
wrestlemania 34 is coming but next year in 2019 what if wrestlemania 35 return to ny/nj like the2013 wrestlemania 29 event i love wwe if they decide to host wrestlemania 35 in different location the journey continues wrestlemania forever
17th January 01:56h

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